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Another Year


Yet another comedy/drama from the Brits! I thought, after seeing the bright and bushy-tailed Made In Dagenham, that Another Year was so unassuming even its Oscar buzz couldn’t help. I [...]

Another Year2021-07-20T22:13:47-07:00

Young Adult


When Patrick Wilson’s character, “Buddy” says to Charlize Theron’s, “Mavis,” in Paramount’s “Young Adult”. “You’re better than this.” My first and last thoughts were:“And so is Diablo Cody and Jason [...]

Young Adult2021-07-20T21:17:02-07:00

Albert Nobbs


As I watched our KCET CINEMA SERIES screening last night of “Albert Nobbs" starring Glenn Close, I kept writing two words in the dark – ‘compelling’ and ‘curiosity.’  For me, [...]

Albert Nobbs2021-07-20T21:11:23-07:00
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